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Day 2 without camera: Flora Gallery

On this record breaking heat index day when I most likely wouldn’t have been taking many pictures anyhow, I’m making a new chapter in my nature gallery: flora. I have a huge and beautiful colony of datura.  I’m not sure if they’re metel or wrightii, but an interesting link to datura lore is here:  They’re also very attractive to tobacco hornworms, who prefer plants from the solanaceae family such as the featured datura.  Yes, I’m the bug whisperer and can trick train your household bugs:)  This is also another picturesque example of pollinators at work-maybe it’s their first date;) I have a fondness for rose campion too and envy the insects that have this for their daily vista in May.  The hops picture was taken in April before it morphed into what we affectionately call Seymour.  By this time of the year, barring bad weather or violent storms, the vines are up and over the canopy of the deck and have started to set beautiful golden cones.  Of course I’m foreshadowing here providing fodder for future posts once my new camera arrives. (10 business days).ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Zen proverb: The obstacle is the path

Obstacle #1: Dropping camera on asphalt reduces ability to take pictures of questionably cool things for blog.  In the vein of keeping this G rated, I won’t write what I said.  Soooo…  what I’ve made today is a nature gallery of some of my nature photos.  Interesting to note is the pollen basket visible in the bumblebee picture.  Also, the maligned skunk is so misunderstood.  Such a gentle creature who really gives ample warning before a spray.  I was able to get close to this one with a zoom lens, but was still only a few yards away.  He sadly had an injured hind leg and was just looking for some berries and shade to hopefully recover.ImageImageImageImage

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I did include a mess disclaimer:)

And maybe I should change the name to gypsy moonbeam since all the blogging I do seems to only happen by moonlight.  My new toy today was a set of glass and tile drill bits that I intend to use for drilling sea glass and bottles for windchimes and succulent containers.  As you can see the sea glass experiment was successful.  This was glass collected in New Bedford, MA a few summers ago.  Very fun vacation thanks to Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Ron.  (Who also have a sail making shop, just in case you have a sail to fix!)  Anyhow, the bottle project could best be described as life imitating art.  I could elaborate, but, well, I think you get it.


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OK squeakin in …

OK squeakin in under the wire… darn!  I tried to post at 11:58 pm but it kicked over to the 4th.  Well, one of the things I’m hoping to do with this project is to thin out my UFO basket.  These mice are knitted from the same pattern, and it’s a good example how yarn weight and needle size effects the outcome.  Not a terribly inspiring or impressive showing, but the bottom of the basket is getting closer!

Mice in moonbeams

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Your can make things other than crafts, trips for instance!

The only thing I actually made today was a trip to James Madison University for freshman orientation.  What a wonderful experience!  We’ve looked at schools, but at JMU they all were organized friendly professional, and helpful.  If anyone from there ever finds their way here, please know I am humbly grateful and appreciative for your hospitality.  I know, I know- it’s not completely free (define completely), but definitely a value added experience.

For those zero of you who’s eyeballs are burning for something I’ve made, I’m posting photos of wishing stones made from smooth beach pebbles.  I made them to hang off of trees in the yard.  If you’re feeling fanciful, they are fairy dream catchers; if you’re feeling cynical they disguise the bird poop on tree leaves.

Finally, while strolling in the yard last night assessing the storm damage, I heard what sounded to be a very strange bird call.  Out from behind a tangle of matted branches and fallen limbs popped this darling fawn!!  It was the best thing that happened all day!  His (or her) calls were answered by mom (or dad;) later in the evening in the “back nine”, as we call it, or the area we are trying to “naturalize”  aka too lazy to mow in the back yard.  ImageImageImage

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Sun painting

I love the sunshine. And painting.  Sunshine and paint are solace for a harried soul.  This works by having a laundered piece of 100 % cotton fabric (so that any sizing from manufacture is removed) that you saturate with a diluted mixture of transparent acrylic paint.  I like the Delta brand.  I’m sure there’s an exact recipe for the dilution somewhere in the ether, but I kind of eyeball it. Spread the saturated fabric on a flat surface in the direct sun.  This works best on a wind-less day, and I usually protect the surface with freezer or waxed paper. As tempting and handy as newspaper may be, do not use it or it will stick to the fabric as it dries.  Lay an item on top of the fabric and smooth down.  Here I’ve used a crocheted mandala vest I made last winter, but you can also use leaves, doilies, paper snowflakes-anything that has an interesting shape/pattern and will lie flat.  Once dried, peel or lift off the imprint item and you have a beautiful design.  I’ve used these in quilts and they’re also cool to embellish with decorative sewing.  My work for the day is done 🙂ImageImage

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