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A recent trip to the Sunshine State treated me to these lovely views. I think I might miss the seasons, but it sure is pretty there.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Somewhere off the east coast of Florida

Somewhere off the east coast of Florida

I have proof of what’s above the clouds.  Maybe heaven, but beauty for sure.  Not sure of the altitude of these-somewhere on the way to 33k feet.ImageImageImage

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I hope I’m reincarnated as a bird 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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My new pet

Gary.  (Yet another Sponge Bob reference, hmmm).  I have a fondness for lost animals-of any kind.  A few years ago I found this grey tree frog on my stephanotis when I brought it in  for the winter.  I made this terrarium and he lived happily for about a year and a half, quietly keeping me company by the sink.  After he passed the terrarium was empty-until tonight!  I found Gary on the sidewalk while I was working a few months ago.  I scooped him up, brought him home, and put him in a scented geranium on the kitchen sill.  I kept finding him in  various places around the kitchen and assumed the cats had fished him out of the dirt for soccer practice.  As I never actually SAW him move or come out of the shell, I assumed it was just that- a shell.  Well, tonight a movement in the potting soil caught my eye and, well, he’s alive!  I moved him to the vacant terrarium and now have a new kitchen companion.  Lucky me-and him 🙂  I’ll move him back to the garden in the spring, reluctantly.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Plant geekery


Ginger grown from asian market root. Datura (metel) in the background

In addition to cats and real estate (and yarn, fabric, old things… the list goes on and on and on) I love plants and horticulture.  I’m fortunate enough to live within striking distance of the US Botanical Garden in Washington, D.C. and was doubly fortunate to be able to visit the display created for the recent holiday season.  Now, I’m not a plant thief, and I would NEVER (honest) pick a leaf or cutting off of an actual specimen, however, this leaf was on the floor of the conservatory.  I couldn’t bear to leave it to be trampled, so I brought it home and stuck it in a pot with some ginger I’m growing from roots I got at the Asian market.  It heeled off and now has tiny rootlets-SO excited !!!  I think it’s a kalanchoe, but not sure. (Gwennie, any ideas? 🙂  Happy Sunday, all, and keep your gardening sights on the not so distant spring.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Sandy Cheeks

She’s the squirrel on Sponge Bob-the constant muzak in my house.  This post is to the quieter, more natural sort, although I do think Sponge Bob is pretty witty.ImageImageImageImageImagesquiImage

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Maine, Part II


Biscuit (aka Remy)


Salty (aka Ralph)


Lobster (aka Twilight. She’s dreaming of seafood dinner 🙂


Tapeworm (aka SiouxSie)


Dead (aka Mulligan. We have to resist the urge to poke him with a stick to make sure he’s alive.)


My new home in Woolwich, ME


Because I really need a barn for Lobster, Salty, and Biscuit

I have a little ADD when it comes to real estate, altho houses are hardly like a Chinese buffet. Nonetheless, I’ve found ANOTHER new home, and I’m taking Flounder, Salty, and Biscuit.  Even the name of this town, Woolwich, is charming 🙂  I can be the Wool Witch of Woolwich.  I’m dreaming up patterns for what she’ll look like as I type this.  Maybe real estate agents in Maine should throw me a bone (or a tuna treat) for grandstanding  coastal Maine.In a related story, I’m renaming my indoor cats who WON’T be accompanying me to MaineImage


Instead of a groundhog, I saw a baby

13 years ago 🙂Image

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