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Good book

on August 28, 2013

I pondered giving up this little project after the year anniversary.  I did it with the intent of seeing it through for a year, which I did.  The summer has stumbled and stalled at times which made it less than inspiring to memorialize it on the internet.  That being said, it is a handy memoir of sorts, even if only for myself.  If I make someone else think or smile or reflect, well, then I guess I should be happy.  I read a lot of books and always highlight the passages I find meaningful.  At one time I tried going back through all my books and copying  the passages into one big book.  Well, that lasted til I got a cramp in my hand!  And then Twitter has a 140 character limit, not practical.  So, I recently started reading The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan.  I  haven’t read any of her other books, but I think I will if this one ends up as thought provoking as it begins.  As I was highlighting away it occurred to me to use my virtual diary to record eloquent snippets, so, for now, at least, Gypsysunshine has a little resurrection.  These are my favorites from Chapter One:


I was still young enough to believe that beauty came from things.


“The Law of Relative Gravity”:Lighten up.  A problem is only as heavy as you let it be.  “The Doppler Effect of Communication”:There is always a distortion between what a speaker says and what a listener wants it to mean.  “The Centrifugal Force of Arguments”:The farther you move from the core of the problem, the faster the situation spins out of control.


Her preferred form of exercise, she told Wendy, was stress.”Clench muscles, hold for twelve hours, release for a count of five, then clench again.”


He smiled. “Do you always live in such a dangerous world?”  “Always. Life is more exciting that way.”  “Well, the headstand is one of the most important postures you can do.  Being upside down can turn your life around.  It can make you happy.”


He slipped off the ring and rotated it in the light.  “My best friend made it for my wedding,” Art said solemnly.  “Ernesto, a rare spirit.  He was a poet and a goldsmith by avocation, made his living as a limo driver.  See the indentations?  He told me they were to remind me that there are a lot of bumps in life and that I should remember what lies between them.  Love, friendship, hope.”

That’s it for the first chapter.  I’m hoping for the time, motivation, and perseverance to follow through on posting my favorites.  At least I’ll get one book done.  Only about 100 to go 🙂



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