Make one thing every day, wander like a gypsy, and shine happiness like the sun


My favorite poem and a guideline for my life.  Many times lines from it will run through my mind like newspaper headlines in both good times and bad.  Like “nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune” and ” neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.”  A pensive day-not much in a making mood.  The idea mill is still runnin’ though 😉  Some reflective pictures to match the mood.ImageImageImage

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Two lost souls

Swimming in a fish bowl…Image

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Um… I guess it’s not a bug baby Bjorn??


I apparently failed entomology 101


Asclepias tuberosa or butterfly weed


Little monarch caterpillar-aww he’s cute!


And I shall call you Heimlich


Katy,did you see those dirty dishes in the sink??

Don’t I feel silly- I told my kids to come quick to watch the mommy ladybug carrying her baby.  Because the poor baby couldn’t fly yet.  Uh mom-that’s not what google says.  I liked the picture nonetheless, and I’ve included some other backyard friends.  The monarch butterfly caterpillars like milkweed, or asclepias, which I’m attempting to cultivate in different varieties-a butterfly buffet of sorts.  The katydid was spying on my messy kitchen but was so cute I let her look. The hawk has been eluding me for weeks-finally got him though.  Yes, he’s not an insect, but he’s my sunshine today, so I had to include him (or her;)

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My jungle-Part 3


Willow hedge


Chaste Tree (vitex)






Datura metel

Family obligations have kept me busy, and since no one really wants pictures or comments on glue sticks or yellow highlighters, I’ve kept those gems to myself.  I think I’m back on track though (either that or I’ve just jinxed myself), with plenty of kibble for my pet blog.  The willow hedge was grown from cuttings taken from weeping willows around a local pond.  Situated at the sump pump outlet, they’ve flourished.  And are probably invading my foundation, I know.  The chaste tree supposedly was the anti-viagra for monks in the middle ages.  I’m doubting the USDA would approve of investigational studies for that, however. The datura metel (or angel’s trumpet) flock is also very poisonous, but since no UPS driver has perished on the front porch I’m thinking it’s probably OK.  The eucalyptus I’ve spoken of before- i’m actually very proud that it’s doing so well.  It’s in a protected spot with southern exposure.  The stephanotis is a 16 year old plant that puts out lovely waxy, white, heavenly scented blooms every summer.  As they are traditionally used in bridal bouquets, someday  I want to donate a bouquet to a summer bride 🙂

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My (edible) jungle, part 2








Pineapple, age 9



I’ll try with this post to successfully caption all the plants.  The ginger I grew from grocery store ginger root.  The pineapples are all from pineapple tops saved and rooted from whole pineapples.  The large one is in my bathroom where it thrives on the morning sunlight and humidity.  It’s 9 years old and was grown from a pineapple I got for my youngest daughter’s christening.  It produces a little pineapple almost every year!  The taro is from a root purchased at the local international market.  They have cool and exotic fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow from the roots and seeds.  I know I’ve referenced it before, but “Grow It, Don’t Throw It”  is an awesome book for the plant geek explorer in you 🙂

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I am Mouseburger

I think it’s a sad but poignant fact that we often pay the most attention to someone when they’re gone.  Helen Gurley Brown recently passed on, and in reading about her life, I found the term “mouseburger” she coined to be  funny, fascinating, and apt.  For I am a mouseburger.  Truly.  For my fellow mice, I hope this makes you smile 🙂ImageImageImage

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My jungle, part 1

As promised:) The third image is a carob tree-for some reason I cannot seem to insert a caption for this one.




Scented geraniumImageLemon verbenaImageHops coneImageLavenderImageLemon grassImageButterfly weedImage

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Eucalike this eucalyptus

One day soon I’ll take a picture of the jungle that is my home.  This is a 2 year old eucalyptus explosion off the front porch.  If you give a girl a eucalyptus she’ll want a koala to go with it, but the HOA isn’t too keen on exotic animals in the general area. SO… ImageImage

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Random and desperately grasping

Found it! (My brain that is)

for news worthy stuff.  Going off to college and recovering from 4 wisdom teeth pulled.  Kind of an oxymoron-I mean how can he go to college without “wisdom” teeth?  Corny, yes.  Anyhow, I can hardly send him off with handmade teddy bears and tractor jammies, so I’m knitting washcloths.  When he’s washing his face he can think wistfully of home and June Cleaver sweetly smiling by her knitting basket with a cat on her lap.  As evidence that the summer vacation has permeated my dura mater, I’m confessing what I did with the craft supplies littering the kitchen table this morning.ImageImageImage

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Where the garden gnomes live

Along the lines of “if life gives you lemons make lemonade”.  My version: “if yourImageImageImageImage garden is a scene from Flintstones, make garden art.”  I guess that makes me a property manager of MGUs (multi-gnome units).

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