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It’s been a few days…maybe this is more of a marathon than a sprint

Throwin a pun to the olympics ;).  Anyhow, I realize making something every day is a bit ambitious, so I’m WORKING on something every day and will post when it’s done.  Now I’m working on a totem stone, a felted wool dog, and an altered tie dye tank top.  I’m realizing too that perhaps my real direction, at least at this point, is nature photos, which I’m thoroughly enjoying.  Here’s my latest homage to Gaia.ImageImageImageImageImage

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Camera fun

I love kaleidoscopes.  So did Cozy Brewster.  I wish I had met her.  I only discovered her by reading her obituary.  Google her-it’s worth it.  The society she founded is called the Brewster Society (  I’m thoroughly enjoying my new toy, and I’ve been experimenting with different techniques.  The first pictures are four-o-clocks I have in a terra cotta planter on the porch.  The next pictures are two of my muses and how they look under the kaleidomicroscope.  (I made up that word:)ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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OK, so I may need to hire a hand model

Because I have really ugly hands.  Like “oh my was there an accident?” type hands.  Think of a mash up of Shrek and Driving Miss Daisy.  Anyhow, I collected shell chips smoothed glossy by the sea tides and have been attempting to turn them into jewelry.  I recruited my son to model on the condition that he remain anonymous.  Nature really does make things infinitely more beautiful.ImageImageImageImage

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Hooray it’s here!!!

After waiting so very patiently, my new toy has arrived!  It actually came yesterday but it took me a while to figure it out.  It’s simply wonderful 🙂  The resolution is awesome and I feel very much like a real grown up photographer.  For those of you reading this who really ARE professional-my humble apologies-I know it takes more than a fancy camera to make a man (or girl 😉 ) The first two pics are nature shots from the yard.  A  sweet house wren and some kind of butterfly that likes  my purple butterfly bushes.  The next are the amigurumi dog bone and skunk I promised. Back in bizness !!ImageImageImageImageImage

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Did you miss me?? ;)

Spent a week  on the Outer Banks of NC for a family vacation.  As promised I did an amigurumi skunk and dog bone, collected shells for jewelry and gathered beach pebbles for cairns.  New camera not quite ready, but borrowed one for a quick shot of my dog with his new KittySock  toy baby.  Made this out of a pair of kid’s socks that I got tired of looking at lying on the living room floor.  Made good on my threat to turn them into a toy if they went one more day on the floor.  Ha-showed them!!

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Bugs I have loved…

This lack of photo-op is frustrating.  I’m not as motivated to complete projects if there’s no carrot in the form of a picture to be taken.  I’m working  on an amigurumi skunk and dog bones, wishing stones, beach glass jewelry, and altered knit wear.  I made a crazy t-shirt for wacky wednesday at camp by cutting 3 shirts and re-piecing with a serger.  It turned out pretty cool, but again, no camera=no happy.

So… insects don’t have cameras either, and as these pics show, they still manage to love the sunshine 🙂


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My feline muses…

As I mentioned yesterday, we have lots of cats-as in a lot of cats.  What started as an innocent volunteer venture for my kids and I mushroomed onto a borderline hoarding situation.  I’m a bigger girl for calling it what it really is, right?  We fostered adult cats awaiting homes and took in many litters of feral kittens. We fed, played with, and socialized them to be good feline citizens and companion pets. Along the way a few stayed. Oops:)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Must love cats

These too are from a few years ago.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll post pics of real cats-we have lots.  Shocker.ImageImage

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Crafting nostalgia

Do you ever have craft nostalgia like “remember when I made …?”  It’s a fun way to reminisce because crafts usually don’t have any positive or negative memories-they just are. Like sunshine and flowers, ahhh 🙂  Anyhow, a few years ago I made this for a Pittsburgh native.  I think I can cook up the stitch recipe if I try, if anyone is interested.  Of course, until said new camera arrives I’ll have no way to show you how a replica turns out.  Ive tried to come up with other play on words things to make, like a fishstick or dogma.  Any ideas in the form of comments most gladly welcome.ImageImage

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Well at least I have power…

Many folks in my area were without power for a very long time, so being without a camera is very petty compared to that.  My daughter took up the make-it baton today and wrapped bottles with cotton yarn for flower vases.  She’s very proud- me too 🙂Image PS  Still no camera-this is compliments of an iphone!

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